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Keeping Up With The Shadowfells

An End to One Module, Next Step is Foggy

Ahem. With my character’s brain the size of a walnut, I don’t keep track of NPC names very well, but I remember the gist of the evening.

There were two big combat encounters. Karalel is devoured by some hulking unearthly beast from beyond the veil of the Shadowfell, a strange and annoying green fog issues forth from the portal. The unusual fog follows us all the way back to Winterhaven. We ask the sage in the tower if he knows what it is as well as some clerics in the local temple. None of them can help except to say that maybe the fog is from the Raven Queen (the God of Death) and it won’t stop until whatever She wants is drawn into her realm (i.e. the Shadowfell). The mayor or lord or whatever pays us off for doing what we did. He was also concerned about the death-cloud peril. The money isn’t too much, and the XP we gained is substantial but not enough for us 3rd levels to level up levelheadedly to 4th level. I believe that was 1081 xp which, if my math is correct, brings me personally up to 3349. (400ish xp to go?).

Dropping what’s his name’s (Baron Pedrig?) bounty money (225gp?) into the bag of holding, and again if my math and notes are correct, I think we have (including precious gems, etc.) 1560 gp, 516 sp, and 3 beautiful magic statuettes of Bahamut I think we can pawn for like 50 gp apiece.

Split six ways that’s 290 gp 5 silver pieces. It’s a better take than plowing fields, but we’re not swimming in a gold piece bin yet. But who knows what that green fog portends? Maybe we are not yet done with this adventure, or this adventure is not done with us.


Thanks Joel.

I have created an entry regarding Valthrun’s book on the Shadowfell that will detail further information as it’s revealed:

Keeping Up With The Shadowfells

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